Crazy new

So yesterday morning David asked me if I could start working in Flash because he’s concerned with all of the work coming in.  Most of our new medical work has a Flash frontend and also has to work with the databases and Coldfusion backend.  Of course I would jump on the opportunity; of course with the opportunity comes a very large Mac that now sits on my desk.  Not that I mind really, I love the idea of learning Flash and working with a Mac, it’s just that it’s like jumping into the middle of a really big lake without knowing how to swim and expecting to figure out how to swim and get back to shore without drowning.  Of course I can manage it, I’m a pretty bright individual, but I’ve only ever learned to doggie paddle.  And the huge monitor computer is a little overwhelming along with my dual screen PC action.

Today’s work will consist mainly of running through code that Vinnie has provided, as well as hitting a few basic tutorials to refresh my memory on Flash since I’ve not really worked on it in probably 10 years and start learning what ActionScript can do.  So far I know that it’s very similar to some of the other languages I’m familiar with, and since it’s an Adobe product, it should be relatively similar.  I was hoping that I’d get into Flex before Flash but I’ll take this opportunity just the same since I know my future career depends on it.