Creative Solutions

I made my first ever ice cream pie this weekend for my brother’s birthday. It’s actually a pudding/ice cream mix. I originally put it together as a surprise, but due to heavy traffic on his way home from Boston, I was unable to get the pie to him on Sunday and his regular softball night prevented me from getting the pie to him last night.

So, after a couple of days in my freezer, while set and firm, the pie was beginning to get that icy, freezer burn look and taste about it. I certainly didn’t want to hand over a pie I knew was going to taste bad, and I personally find things that taste like the refrigerator or freezer particularly bad, so I tried to come up with a plan to remedy the situation, especially since I’d already made plans to deliver it tonight.

I went through several different ideas before I came upon the easiest and most logical — scrape off the top layer of whip cream and chocolate syrup and add fresh toppings. So this morning, in my usual early morning grog, that’s exactly what I did. I’m hoping that resolved the issue, though I won’t really know until this evening. We’ll see.

I like problem solving and, specifically, coming up with unique solutions to complex problems. At DDA, there’s a lot of problem solving that goes on, and even more unique and innovative solutions. Nearly every project, whether for a new or existing client, is a problem in a way. They have a need and we have to determine the best way to meet it. Luckily for our clients and ourselves, we have programmers, graphic designers, web developers, writers, videographers, animators, and technical support all in-house, so we can truly devise the best solution for any problem.

With so many different creative and technical capabilities under one roof, the solutions we do come up with are usually cutting-edge and, of course, completely custom. Our virtual medical simulation, synchronized media, comprehensive eLearning platforms, and even Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services, were all been born out of a need and evolved into advanced standalone services.

When it comes to developing the best solution, whether it’s medical or corporate marketing, traditional or interactive, you not only need the ability to brainstorm new ideas, but the capability to bring those ideas to life. At DDA we happen to have both.