Creative Support

As I sat in my car this morning, having just arrived to DDA’s parking lot, I listened to the latest news from the BP environmental disaster. The gravity and scale of the disaster made me hope that people with power and money would start making contributions to help plug the leak and clean the mess. We cannot just shrug our shoulders and pass on by; this is a situation where those who can, need to lend a helping hand.

With Apple making the news about being the second largest company in the US, couldn’t they make some sort of contribution? Ultimately it is BP’s responsibility to pick up the bill, of course. I was encouraged when it was mentioned that the director, explorer, and deep-sea adventurer, James Cameron, had approached BP to offer his expertise but it seems BP might have given him the cold shoulder. With his creativity, experience, and connections, it would seem obvious to include him in the team to help solve the catastrophe. One can only hope that a combination of great minds can combine resources and create the perfect solution, fast.

Luckily, here at DDA, we can easily turn to each other should one experience any issues while working on a project. Having a second opinion or another creative mind tackle an unfamiliar problem can open different avenues for a solution which may not have been considered previously. We’re constantly working on complex medical CMEs, medical simulations, virtual simulations, elearning tools, promotional videos, 3d medical animations, iPhone ready websites, iPad ready websites, and more so it’s good to know that creative support is just at the desk next door and you won’t get a cold shoulder.