Cup of coffee and a little E3

Remember when people would get up and read their morning paper with a cup of coffee?  It used to be a weekend thing for me as well, but if I get to work early (which I do every day) I get to have my cup of coffee with the news website (I do sometimes miss the feel and smell of printed paper).  Today’s tech news is all about E3, well, because it’s happening now, and there are some usual ‘big revelations’ going on. 

I don’t know if I would consider myself in the same realm of industry as the gaming industry, in fact I know I don’t, but I continue to love seeing the new toys that show up every year at E3.  Eventually things that are advanced here will trickle down to the web, so, someday they will have relevance to my job.  In the mean time, it’s all about hobby and entertainment.  E3 is the yearly “Electronic Entertainment Exposition” where gaming companies show off their cool new stuff, whether it’s an app to stream Netflix to your XBox, or if it’s new hardware and related software titles.

Growing up a gamer, and having the IT and programming background, it is a natural thing to be impressed by the little bits of technology that come out.  I love to hear about how things work, and guess at the amount of programming that go into what we as gamers take for granted.  I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo, from way back when my parents got our first Nintendo in the late 1980′s, complete with the robot that didn’t work very well.  Over the past few years, it seems the peripheral product is gaining momentum in the industry, all the little toys to go with your toys.  From racing wheels to DDR pads, there were always a few items that one could plug in and play with on the various systems.  The past few years seemed to have a bump with Guitar Hero and Rock band, and of course there’s Nintendo - hyping the Wiimotes and balance board.  But there’s even more coming.  A new Wiimote add-on will better sense where the position of your hand is, a wii speakerphone will let everyone in the room communicate with others anywhere in the world, taking old favorite games and  turning them into MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) and of course there are games to play with it.  To me, this is really exciting.  It’s just cool to think about what’s being done to bring more interactivity (other than headsets for taunting opponents in FPS games) and just plain activity into the world of gaming.

Someday we’ll have the opportunity to bring further interactivity to our web programming projects.  DDA continues every day to become more sophisticated in what it can do on the web, so I would not be surprised to see some custom program started in the near future where new technology is being used.