Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building a tool to improve customer relationship management (CRM) at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is not an easy task given the number of diverse services DDA provides its clients – from webcasting, to programming sophisticated applications, to video products, medical services, and healthcare services and commercial products just to name a few. Building a system that incorporates all these different aspects of DDA services takes time and energy to engineer such applications. One aspect of the CRM tool is the ability to generate any complex quote for client to see the many different services we can provide them. The quote system will able to generate any type of quotes from fix cost quotes to production quotes with many layers of production to hourly quotes with many layers of sub-quotes and optional quotes. The quote system is only one aspect of the quote within the Dynamic Digital Adverting Corporation but the CRM is way far more complicated with integrated components to capture day to day activity between clients and DDA employees. Much of the functionality the CRM will be able to perform from the front office operation such as data collection with the interaction with clients, meeting, phone calls, e-mail, proposal, quotes. Backend operations will also be captured such as tracking of DDA employee times, billing, planning, marketing, advertising, finance, and manufacturing.