Customer Service for the Win

This weekend we celebrated Luke’s birthday with a party.  It wasn’t just a party, it was an awesome party set up by a Games2U franchise.  This company literally brings the fun to you.  A van pulls up and spills out its contents, in our case, a laser tag game set and mobile course as well as a human-sized hamster ball.  When all of that fun is done and all the kids were exhausted, the party-goers headed into the van where 3 lcd tvs were set up with 4-player split screen linked XBox 360′s playing Halo.

One of the kids said ‘this was the best day of my life’.  It was very cool.  It almost wasn’t very cool though as our van showed up late.  Luckily we had things to do, since we were at a park, the boys were playing football and climbing on the playground set.  We also opened gifts, ate hotdogs and cake, so it wasn’t really a huge deal.  What impressed me though was how well the Games2U guy handled the situation.  Even though he was late, he worked twice as hard to make sure the kids had a good time, and just as hard to keep Julie (Luke’s mom) happy.  It was important for him to make it right, and he did, going so far as to suggest we take a free event from him after he’d already made things right.  Even before that, we knew we would continue to use this company for any event we could, especially Luke’s next birthday, just because of the service we received.

At DDA, we pride ourselves on customer service.  Sure you can go get a template to make your website, or get some company overseas, but you will not get what we think rounds out the best parts of DDA, the customer service.  Every project is assigned a project coordinator that makes sure to respond to every request in a timely manner, and then continues to keep all of the relevant persons on staff on track, making sure that i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  I know I am one who is very happy with the coordinator’s help.  Sometimes the huge projects get a little overwhelming to just one person, it helps to have someone else there to have another pair of eyes to make sure we’re putting out the best product possible.

Honestly, I don’t know where the programming department would be without that help. Anyone who’s had to work with us has a much tougher task than any other section because of the fact that most of what you see in an interactive website is just a tiny portion of the code we have to write and test.  We also tend to be the less communicative bunch as well.