Customize My Site

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about website design lately, noticing little things that make accessing sites easier. One of the most noticeable factors of a website’s efficiency in modern websites is the user interface; that is, the buttons that control everything the user does. This includes links, control panels, video stop/start buttons, radio buttons, radial menus, check boxes, and anything else that the user might type into or click on. The design of these elements is what makes or breaks a website; a good, well designed site knows which elements are important, and which are less so, and allows the user access to the things they need while reducing clutter and removing things they are not interested in.

To that end, the trend lately has been user customization. As more and more people become internet-savvy, more sites have been adopting options which allow users to change the basic layout and functions of their websites. Facebook, for instance, has applications that can be loaded into quickbars on the sides of the users homepage. DDA Medical’s newest website allows users to view any combination of text, images and interactive video they choose, all in a spiffy Flash format that allows smooth-as-butter transitions and is built within a colorful, eye-catching graphical interface.

We don’t just do that sort of stuff for our own sites, though. DDA Medical knows that designing a website for your Medical, Healthcare or Healthcare IT company can be challenging. That’s why we’ll do all the heavy lifting to suit your digital medical content needs! Whether it’s flash animation, 3D medical training simulations, live online webcasting with medical colleagues, on-site medical video, interactive online e-learning for the medical field, or anything else your Medical Organization may need, DDA Medical is there to help!