Data, Data Everywhere

I don’t like to think about how much data travels around the globe at any given moment, it reminds me a bit too much about the ever-expanding universe.  There’s so much out there that no one person could ever even see but a part of it.  A long time ago a bunch of forward-thinking people put together a few computers across the lands to share information, and it grew.  Now our little data servers at DDA probably have to store more information than some of the old mainframes that ran large corporations.  We have more powerful computers and we’re sending more data out into the world.

I like to think about when I got my first modem, and how little data could actually be transmitted across it.  In the beginning of the Internet as we knew it, the loading of a picture was a good time to get a refill of your coffee.  Now we’re streaming video and music, searching and reading several websites at a time, all thanks to modern data transport miracles.  Everything now is about streaming, but in the end, it’s still all data.  It’s bits and bytes, little chunks of data sent quickly across a wire.  All of that data needs to be stored somewhere, and as programmers, it’s our job to figure out how to store it, where to store it, and how to access it.  In some instances, there are several different people with degrees in engineering, security, and programming that do this sort of thing.  Sometimes the data is not as complicated to manage, or the security doesn’t need to be as strong, but in the end, we’re still working with data.