Data Structure

Data Structure is an important concept to understand in computer science, especially in software engineering. Information is stored in computer memory, and the operating system has special routines to access memories. When writing applications, the need for allocating memories and de-allocating memories becomes essential as every task demands some level memory. Declaring simple integer, Boolean type, float, double, string all require physical memory from the computer. A program during runtime must allocate memory dynamically for all variables that were declared in that program to be able to execute all the instructions correctly, and once the program has ended the memory that was allocated should be free. But if that does not happen then we have a memory leak, eating up memory accumulatively. Some programming language allows the programmer to do all the garbage collection, but some, such as Java, do garbage collection for the programmer allowing the programmer to only worry about the logic and functionality of the program.

Understanding data structure allows you to become good programmer considering every little detail about programming efficient and fast application.