DDA can help you refocus

I’ve been considering canceling my tv cable. A little over $60 a month to watch just a few channels seems simply outrageous. My boys keep me busy enough that we just don’t watch that much tv. Internet sites like Hulu and Netflix make it just that much easier to consider canceling my cable. I can watch any tv show I want, when I want. Am I really spending $720 a year so my almost 5-year old can watch spongebob while I make dinner, or so I can see what dirty job Mike Rowe is trying his hand at?

Perhaps your company needs to refocus its means of advertising. Are you spending gobs of money on advertising that is not working for you? Consider speaking with DDA or if you are from the medical or Healthcare IT field consider speaking with DDA Medical, a leading medical eLearning platform designer and developer. We can help fine-tune and refocus your marketing efforts so you are attracting the consumers or patients you want.