DDA Fertilizer

I took a look at our garden again yesterday to see the plants’ progress and was pleasantly surprised with how well they were doing in the Summer heat. The already grown plants that we put in had all taken root and were growing well. I saw some buds already sprouting on some of the tomatoes and everything else just looks like it has gotten bigger. The only plants that don’t look like they have made too much progress are the little cantaloupes that came pre-grown. They look like they are roughly the same size as they were when we got them still. The seeds we planted are also doing well. Broccoli is up and growing, beans are thriving, and little corn chutes have sprung up into nice little rows. Along with today’s checking of plants, I was spotting our first weeds. I’d like to blame the mowing process that takes place all around the garden for throwing grass and weed seeds all over, but I’m sure we would have gotten some weeds eventually anyway. Oh well, it shall be a weekend chore to get rid of those. That will be child’s play compared to making the garden in the first place.

If you have an idea for your corporate video, website, 3D animation, or something else, then you can plant that idea seed here into the minds of the DDA staff and we will help fertilize it and make it grow until it blossoms into a full reality. Our staff of programmers, graphic designers, writers, animators, and videographers thrive on creativity and love coaxing a new idea into a real thing. Together we can create whatever media piece you can imagine all in-house. Advanced programming, custom web design, copywriting, digital photography, and much more are all part of our skill set. We even have an in-house video studio complete with a teleprompter and green screen, but we can go anywhere else to shoot too. After you let us bring one idea to life, you’ll probably want more and more and become a repeat customer. Then you can have a whole garden of fully realized ideas to show off and use. So give us a call today and let us be your idea seed’s fertilizer.