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When your grandmother starts to consider the purchase of a laptop to do things like order groceries online, there is no denying the presence of the digital age. In the not so distant past, I can remember her holding on to outdated but comfortable  processes and turning a blind eye to the emerging technological advances. Today, she is a proud owner of a LCD television and she routinely operates a technology-based blood sugar device to keep herself healthy. Yes, it is certainly a technological age so it makes sense that a budding portion of our business involves the development and implementation of healthcare IT solutions.

When you visit a doctor’s office, you may have noticed the missing medical file that used to accompany every visit. Instead, doctor’s carry with them a tablet PC. In a matter of seconds, a patient’s complete medical history can be brought up outlining drug allergies, treatment modalities, and test results.  This same medical file can then be securely accessed by another healtchare professional at a separate location. With one secure medical portal to turn to to retrieve and record pertinent medical data, paper-based systems have been replaced with electronic medical records that streamline processes and aid in improving information integrity.

If you are a medical institution looking to make the switch, you’ve found a partner in DDA Medical. Our dedicated team of medical database programmers is sensitive to the security concerns of the medical world. We’ll host your physician or patient portal on a HIPAA-compliant server and take the necessary precautions to ensure sensitive patient information stays safe and secure. And as an expert in website design and development, you can can’t on usability and structure for an experience that is intuitive and effective.

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