DDA Programming — Election Edition

Today is the day that our future changes.  For the good or bad, I can’t say for sure, but it will definitely change.  It is Election Day.  So as people across the country wake up and get themselves down to the local polling place to mark off the people they think are most likely to not drive this country further into despair, I struggle with my own yin-yang programming balance act.

Programming vs Design, ’08.

Yesterday and today again, I am working on getting the new design put in place in our The Next Icon website.  The design, as usual, is great, as is expected with our fantastic designers.  The usual problems come about with how we have to think differently about design and programming.  For example, if we have static elements that do not expand, but we have data that needs to, it can break the design, so we have to factor that in.  Sometimes it’s planned for in the design and sometimes I have to go through and make programming adjustments.  Then there’s the navigation.  Generally speaking in the websites that I work on, there are dynamically generated navigation links.  This means that when one person logs in, they may have more or fewer options than another, depending on the implemented security system.  What happens then is those wonderful buttons that were so skillfully crafted to fit perfectly into place, don’t.  Then of course there’s the browser issues and varying degrees of havoc created with javascript and CSS additions.  No two problems seem to ever be the same.

In the end, it’s great that we have the staff that we do all within a few offices of each other.  We have awesome designers and great programmers to make sites work just like our clients expect.  David likes to tout that we do everything in house, and it is true, from programming to design to video, we have all been working together for years and hope to continue to do so — we’re a great, talented bunch.