DDA Wins the Tabby Award for Best Healthcare Tablet Application!

Today, November 27, 2012 at 1 pm, Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA) was once again recognized for its outstanding achievement in the field of developing innovative new tablet applications for the healthcare industry, receiving the coveted Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App of 2012. The Tabby Awards are currently the only worldwide competition for the best business apps on tablet platforms such as the iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets. The Tabby Awards / Business reflects the growing market share that these devices have, particularly in the worlds of business and healthcare, where portability and ease of use are paramount concerns. Tablets are currently used to manage many of the day-to-day business interactions that once required a laptop or desktop computer, including just some of the following:

  • data collection and management
  • point-of-sales transactions, particularly by small businesses
  • web-based teleconferencing
  • presentations
  • email and web-browsing

No matter how they are being employed in business, iPad, Android, and Windows tablets are increasingly becoming one of the main methods of communication, collaboration, and data collection in any organization.

Tablet Apps in Mobile Healthcare

Tablets remain particularly popular among clinicians due to their powerful computing capabilities, ease of use, and portability. Indeed, tablet use among physicians for professional use has nearly doubled since 2011, reaching 62% of doctors according to a recent survey.[i]  Furthermore, fully half of all tablet-owning physicians have used their device at the point of care. Tablets are even being used by physicians to keep up to date with new industry trends.

The Apple iPad remains the dominant platform for tablet use among physicians, in part due to its superior display graphics. The iPad is used by numerous physicians to demonstrate basic biological information to their patients in order to explain certain illnesses and injuries. Clinicians are also employing mobile healthcare applications to create sketches to help explain some of the more complicated surgical procedures they may need to describe to their patients. Increasingly, healthcare providers of all kinds are relying more and more on mHealth applications of this sort to make sure they get the job done right.

DDA’s Take on eHealth Applications

DDA Apps has been a pioneer in the development of eHealth applications of all kinds, having created a variety of eLearning, Continuing Medical Education, and other eHealth applications over the years. One of the most exciting innovations to come from DDA is its Virtual Medical Simulations (VMS), which combine live action video, animation, 3D modeling, voice-over narration, advanced interactive programming, and richly immersive, interactive environments to authentically simulate real-world clinical experience in unbelievable ways. DDA developed its first VMS for Philips Healthcare with the XperGuide online eLearning tool, which was so successful that Philips soon requested that it be converted into a fully functional iPad app.

Philips Healthcare was so impressed with the XperGuide iPad app that they named it their best in class for iPad Apps in 2011. The XperGuide VMS continues to be upheld as a model for innovative design and powerful computing features by Philips Healthcare, and marked the beginning of a long-term relationship with DDA, which would then go on to develop the HeartNavigator, RoadMap Pro, and EP Navigator Virtual Medical Simulations for the industry-leading firm. DDA’s exceptional work on the XperGuide iPad app was reinforced once again upon accepting the Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App. When you are ready to see the future of eHealth technologies, contact DDA.

Photo credit: http://tabbyawards.com/business/

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