DDA’s Guarantee

This weekend I was witness to a heated debate regarding the popular TV series LOST. Two of my closest friends are avid fans of the television series and faithfully tuned in for each episode throughout the years. Where my one friend was satisfied with how the show came to a close, my other friend was not and felt cheated by the writing staff with the number of questions that were left unanswered. At some point during the argument, it was mentioned that it seemed as if the staff writers had generated content on an episode to episode basis and thus LOST sight (pun intended) of the big picture and overall meaning.

As a full-service advertising and marketing agency that offers a wide-range of digital services, the big picture is our primary concern. Whether we are writing content for a search engine optimized website, brochure, or promotional video, designing a complex eLearning program, e-Commerce website, or creating custom 2d or 3d medical animations, we first analyze a project’s purpose and then fill in the rest.  Never do we want a client or viewer to come away from a DDA-developed presentation with the question, “What’s the point?” For this reason, every project starts with a master plan. For a website, this equates to a detailed menu structure that outlines every site element and associated hierarchy. For a programming-intensive project, this entails a detailed process plan that illustrates functionality before hours of coding are put in place. For a video production, planning takes the form of a storyboard that depicts specifics, scene by scene. For creative copywriting, effective works start with a well throughout outline.

Yes, we are all about planning because when everything is said and done, our clients’ and their customers’ satisfaction is never an option, it’s a guarantee.