Decision Making

As I’ve commented before,  a lot of what I do is about constant decision making.  Some of them turn out to be good, some bad, usually I just don’t remember.  Last night I made a decision to stay up late and do some work from home, and this morning it turned out to be for nothing.  This was a bad decision.  I can’t think of a good one at the moment, but that could just be because I’m tired.

This weekend there was an ad on the TV for the latest lottery jackpot of $5,000 a week for life.  I loved the idea of that — going back to school would be my first priority.  I was asked if I would miss programming, and I responded ‘of course’, I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my profession, and of course the lack of hard labor, which is what I would have to trade up for, if I was to do anything, in the form of a home investment.  Programming isn’t very (or at all) tactile.  You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t really even understand it by looking at its finished product.  Most people who want a website built will like to use cars or houses as a metaphor, but they don’t quite get the metaphor correct.  They want to liken it to the leather seats and the chrome accents of the instrument panel, or the wallcovering, floor covering, and furniture.  It is really more about the engine and the controls on the steering wheel or dashboard of the car, or the pipes, electrical work and framing of the house, and more precisely how it all fits together.  So when changes come in to the programmer, it’s not a matter of hanging a picture on a different wall, or even recovering the seats, it is usually moving the gearshift which involves changing the way the leads run in or the transmission is mounted, or moving a bathroom around, which calls for ripping up the floors and moving all the pipes.