Diverting Road Blocks

A popular video making its round on You Tube is that of a college baseball player making what looks to be an impossible tag of the home plate. This baseball player obviously must moonlight as a gymnast because when his objective was blocked by the catcher, the player took an amazing leap, flying over the catcher’s head and tagging home plate with a show-stopping hand spring. This video just goes to show you that with a little will and determination, the impossible becomes, well, possible.

I’ve witnessed our staff of talented professionals perform like feats here at our full-service advertising agency, but instead of a catcher being an obstacle, roadblocks consist of developmental challenges. Just as this limber baseball player found a way to his objective, DDA’s custom programmers, flash animators, and graphic designers keep the momentum of productivity moving by never saying  “no”. Instead, we find a new path to arrive at the expected end result. Whether we are developing a complex medical animation for a virtual elearning simulation or a complex ecommerce destination full of interactive features, know  our commitment is steadfast and our team of dedicated professionals will go above and beyond the expected, short of defying gravity, to meet and exceed client expectations.