Do-Over Day

It’s been one of those mornings, literally a  gum-stuck-on-shoe kind of day. These are what I refer to as “do-over days.” Where you wake up and as soon as your feet hit the floor, you know that maybe you should just call out “do-over,” go back to sleep and just try the whole thing over at another time. Unfortunately, past the age of 10, do-overs are no longer accepted practice, so instead I pried my foot off the brake pedal (where it had been glued there for the last quarter of my journey), dusted myself off, and started my day. You can’t let the little annoyances get you down or else there will be a cloud hanging over you the whole day. Stay positive.

The same can be applied to marketing. Yes, there are those obstacles that come up — slashed budgets, changes in procedures, uncertainty over how to explain complex processes — but for companies these days to be successful, they must continue to forge ahead. DDA, through all of our divisions, can really be a great asset to companies and organizations in all industries and fields, including medical and healthcare. We provide effective, proven solutions to nearly all marketing needs, building high-quality, advanced functioning websites, incredibly robust eLearning platforms, and interactive games, animations, and videos. Whether it’s search engine marketing (SEM), logo development, or a new brochure that’s needed, DDA can make it happen.

So if your company finds itself with proverbial gum on its shoe, give us a call. Trust me, I have experience in these matters.