Do you get what you pay for?

We have these huge, beautiful old windows that let in a lot of light. But at night, it lets a lot of light out, so most of the neighborhood can see whatever is going on in the house.  Not that there’s anything all that weird or shady, I’d just rather have a bit more privacy. One of our Christmas gifts this past year was a good chunk of the money we would need to get new blinds in the living room of our house.  We wound up deciding on cafe style plantation shutters.  They are the wide plank shutters (2 1/2″ wide) and sit at the bottom half of the window.   When we went to our local Home Depot to order them, the woman behind the counter was less than helpful regarding how to measure and order them.  We almost opted for having them installed professionally, but that would have doubled the price.  So we hoped for the best.  This Friday they came in.  Within a matter of 2 hours I had them installed and was quite pleased that we hadn’t gone with the outrageous installation.  Now it’s just a matter of getting the paint off the rest of the trim to match the really white new shutters.  You don’t realize how old something looks until you get something new next to it.

I was thinking about how this relates to DDA (as usual).  My whole life I’ve been very stubborn.  I don’t usually want other people to do something that I’m quite capable of doing, just like when I was a kid and the creepy guy tried to get me to go to his house to fix my bicycle chain that popped off, and I refused on stubborn principle that I could fix it.  Saved myself there, just like my thirst for knowledge saved me several hundred dollars on the shutter install.  DDA is full of people just like me, we are smart (and sometimes stubborn) people who aren’t afraid of a challenge and are actually quite happy to accept them.  We are very skilled in what we do (unlike the woman behind the counter at the big box store) and you get a quality product when you work with us.  Sure you could put up a small website from a template on Go-Daddy, or make a video with your Hi-8 camcorder and upload to YouTube, but we’re not here to do that.  The services we provide are what most people, or even similar sized companies can’t accomplish on their own.  We aren’t a 2-hour, “never done before” installation.  We are a full-fledged company that can provide amazing writing, video, website, design and programming services at a cost that would be similar to what you would pay for any professional job, and at DDA, you get what you pay for.