Down, down, down

This weekend I grabbed a box of oatmeal to bring in to work on those days when I have no breakfast, which is basically every day, except the days there are bagels bought for us by David and Elizabeth.  Some days I’ll stop and get an egg white flatbread sandwich at that place that ‘keeps you runnin.’  Today I had to stop for gas (which rocked, I barely spent $20 to fill my tank, and that’ll last me 2 weeks, whoohoo) so I didn’t have time to pop in at DD, so luckily I had my packets of oatmeal.  I like the fruit and cream varieties, though I am not very fond of the banana.  Anyway, the last box I had, it was half peaches and cream and half strawberry and cream, this one is all four.  The packet was small, but it was enough to get me going.  I’d usually have to have another snack before lunchtime, but today I feel like I already have to have another snack.  The amount of cereal in the oatmeal packet has dropped dramatically even since the last time I had bought oatmeal packets.  This trend seems to have started a few months ago, I noticed it first when my ice cream container size shrunk.  The worst of it all is, I know I’m paying the same price for these products.  I’m sure most people have noticed this sort of thing happening as well.  As prices go up for things that go into other products, the cheaper they’re trying to make them.  When it comes to food, you can’t make them much cheaper, but you can make less of them.

Things like the food situation have also been happening in the tech world.  There’s a great number of our tech jobs being outsourced to places where it can be done cheaper.   You’ve got this cheaper package, how was that made more cheaply?  Does it mean you’re sacrificing quality?  Does it mean you’re sacrificing quantity?  At DDA, we’re running in the opposite direction.  As most people are downgrading what they do into a cheaper version, we’re actually upgrading.  Everything we say we can do, we do in house.  We have a staff that can pull off feats of amazement because we all work together to get it all done.  The service you get is the same as you would have gotten years ago.  The quality of our product is still to a very high standard, whether it’s search engine optimization, video, website design, programming, writing or some combination of your choosing (pick any, we can do it).