Dreamweaver Coding Features

Dreamweaver CS3 has many features that can help a programmer to identify bugs and visualize the flow of a program. Built-in features that help are color coding for different languages, strings, tags, methods, and objects. This program also has the ability to compress tag blocks, which could be very useful in debugging and commenting out information. Also, Dreamweaver knows the attributes and values for many tags in many languages. This is helpful in making sure you don’t assign or declare anything into reserve words.

There are three basic views in Dreamweaver: code, design, and split. Split is has both code and design view. In programming, I usually just edit the code to change the way the page displays, but the design view lets you drag and arrange images, tables and divs to let the page display as you want. Another very important feature that can save lots of time is the search and replace feature, which will look through all pages with any web page extension and the line numbers on the side of the page. Applying CSS styles to different elements is a nice feature and it will manage all your styles to. FTP connection and FTP logs are built in so pages can be uploaded to the server easily.