Educational Techniques that Inspire

Sometimes I feel I could call this blog the NPR blog versus the DDA blog, given how much time I devote to stories I hear on NPR on my drive to and fro work. So, with that as a nice a lead in, this morning I heard an in depth story on the recent elections in England and commentary on the new prime minister. It was interesting indeed, especially since there have been many stories about the elections leading up to this, but I still had some trouble figuring it all out, since I don’t know the inner workings of the British government. I’ve tasked myself now with researching more into how their system of government works, as I’m a bit embarrassed that I don’t already know this. For one, it was quite stunning to hear that the party with majority votes in parliament automatically become the majority, and the leader the prime minister. It’s also interesting how their version of liberal and conservative is quite different than ours. I mean the new Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a conservative who supports gay rights and is a steward of the environment. Gasp.

It’s for this reason in particular that I’m so smitten with NPR. They always have the most interesting takes on even the most saturated of news stories. It inspires me to want to learn more. It’s in the same vein that DDA’s educational and training techniques work so well. In every project we do, from the live video streaming webcast to the comprehensive eLearning platform with an advanced online virtual medical simulation, our focus is on engaging the user and immersing him or her in the experience. We want to inspire users, increase information retention, and make him or her eager to learn.

With the addition of AppleSavvy to the long list of DDA divisions, we can now offer your clients/patients/customers the same experience they’d get on a traditional web platform on the iPad and iPhone. So even though Adobe Flash won’t run on the mobile Apple devices, your audience doesn’t have to miss on on the experience, because AppleSavvy converts existing websites to run on the iPad and iPhone. We also develop compatible websites from scratch and do Apps development.

So when you want to inspire your target audience, pique their interest, and help them to learn something new, turn to DDA. We have you covered in all areas and platforms so you can be just as effective with your audience as NPR is with me.