Remote-based eLearning

photo credit: micsalac via photopin cc

If you are old enough, you can remember when you actually had to get up off of the couch in order to adjust the dial on the television. Since then, things have certainly changed. While we have not yet reached the pinnacle of convenience technology, and it may be quite some time before society is motoring around on hover chairs as is depicted in Disney/Pixar’s animated flick, WALL-E®, we can operate our televisions, home theater systems, interior and exterior lighting, unlock our car doors, remotely operate a computer and much more all through a single device—a smartphone or tablet.

Many eLearning developers, ourselves included, have applied the above described remote technology to the platforms we produce.  The approach has proved especially useful in device and scenario-based simulations. Instead of displaying a control panel unrealistically within the environment and on screen, it can be displayed and operated through a portable device, providing for greater realism, increased screen real estate, and a heightened user experience.

Potential Applications

Not sure how remote-based training can benefit your organization? Read on to discover some useful applications:

  • Medical Device Training: Sync an iPad, iPhone, or other enabled portable device to your desktop and control a virtual piece of machinery and watch the results of your actions in realtime.
  • Equipment Simulations: Safely operate virtual equipment and hardware using a mobile device that delivers a realistic tactile experience.
  • Training Games: Add an additional layer of fun with training games controlled remotely by enabled mobile devices with motion recognition and much more.
  • Collaborative Training: Sync not one but multiple remote controllers for collaborative and coordinated efforts.

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