End of summer

For those of us who have, or know kids or teachers, the day after Labor Day generally spells the beginning of the new school year, and official end of summer (vacation). To me this means no more Friday World of Warcraft marathons, back to having the house all to myself to be “productive.” Things have changed though in my house, one of the kids is off to high school, which means that someone has to get up and leave the house before I even get up. But that also means my ‘me time’ will be shorter on Fridays too, as I expect her back at the house quite easily by 3 o’clock.

The end of summer also brings with it the announcement of yet another browser for us to have to deal with. Yes, you heard me right, Google just announced this weekend (with comic and all) a new free browser called ‘Chrome’, available today.  Which means, that I am going to be downloading it today. Or at least trying to. I’m guessing that Google’s launch of something is going to be far more successful than the launches of other large companies. Unfortunately, I can’t yet figure out how to download it. A search on Google leads me to Gears but I’m not sure that’s what we’re wanting to see. But this is interesting as well, looks like an add-on to interact with the computer itself.  Hmm … that’s a little scary.  Anyway, it appears that all Chrome links lead to nowhere, so I’ll try again later.