Ever Evolving

I don’t know why Apple is still working with AT&T as their service provider as it is the main reason that other competitors are getting their foot in the door. People hear so much about the bad service that AT&T is providing for the iPhone and how dropped calls and slow connections are frequent annoyances that they are starting to opt for the competitors being housed on the more dependable networks like Verizon. Apple still leads in overall market share in the next gen phone world, but the competitors are gaining ground. The new Droid phones outsold iPhones in the first quarter of the year, which shows that they are catching up in market share as more and more people hop onto the next gen phone bandwagon.

I’m sure that there is some contract or secret business reason for Apple to stick with AT&T, but you have to assume that switching networks in the future has certainly crossed their minds. At an iPhone demo for the 4G model, Steve Jobs was trying to demo some web features, but couldn’t connect. He asked some other staff member if he had any other ideas to fix it, and one of the crowd members instead shouted “Verizon!”, which was met with laughter and applause. Jobs then pointed out that it was using Wifi, but still it shows that a new network is on everyone’s mind.

DDA wouldn’t stick with something that wasn’t the best option like Apple seems to be. We insist on evolving with the market and technology so that we are always providing the best and most relevant services in the best known way at the time. You could say that this idea of evolving is the way that the company was created in the first place. By embracing digital photography and running with it while others were still grasping to their old reliable film cameras, DDA was able to rise and become experts in the digital world before everyone else decided to hop on the bandwagon. By the time the others joined in on digital photography, DDA was already leaps and bounds ahead in the processes, uses, and techniques of the digital medium and never looked back. In fact, DDA still grew and forged ahead to embrace other technologies as they were emerging and now boasts such a large list of services that it would take me hours to list everything.

We do work in areas such as 3D animation, videography, advanced programming, digital photography, copywriting, custom web design, and more. Our newest addition to the list happens to be… da da da daaaaa! …iPhone/iPad application development and iPhone/iPad website conversion. As the new craze is high tech mobile devices, DDA is sure to get in on it to become experts asap. No need to worry about those competitor phones either, because any iPhone friendly website is a next gen phone friendly website, no matter what kind. Give us a look today to see what we can do for you.