Excellent Marketing and Advertising No Matter the Weather

I felt as though I was wading through soup this morning on the way to the car. Even though the heat has seemed to drop a bit; I feel like the humidity is presently at one of the worst points of the summer. Maybe it’s just easier to pick up on because the heat has dropped a bit? I don’t know. In any case, the stickiness is supposed to end and turn into a beautiful weekend. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile at DDA, there’s plenty of work to be done. I find it funny sometimes how oblivious to the weather I can be while at work. A few weeks ago, there were horrible storms, with drenching downpours and gusting winds. It was half through the morning before I realized what was going on outside. By the afternoon it had all cleared. They are calling for severe thunderstorms again today, but I doubt I’ll even notice if they pass through.

With so much innovative and cutting-edge work going inside these four walls, it’s no surprise that I don’t pay attention to the outside. Video production, website design and development, medical animations, and illustration, must continue on, no matter what the current outdoor conditions are. So, despite rain, sleet, sky-rocketing heat, snow, hail, ice, disgustingly high humidity, and whatever else Mother Nature throws our way, we keep plugging away, creating eLearning platforms with virtual medical simulations, interactive marketing, and universally compatible medical and corporate marketing and advertising services — the latter of which is thanks to Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services through AppleSavvy.

At the end of the day, I will emerge into the real world once again,  and then the weather will have some importance. With a little luck the storms will have already moved through and the humidity will have dipped down, hopefully by a lot. Fingers crossed.