Extreme Detail is an Understatement

One of the obstacles in 3D modeling and virtual simulation is defining the right level of detail. Some markets may not demand extreme accuracy, but the medical field does and our animators and interactive media producers deliver. Why this poses an obstacle is that quite often the level of detail is not fully understood at the onset of a project. It’s typically only when the project begins to take shape that the animators can mold imagery with the most intricate detail. Similar to glass blowing or pottery, 3D modeling and animation is an art. When these technologies are used in medical eLearning, detail is key to the universal adoption of a product or approach. Whether your medical eLearning tool is designed as a training aid or a marketing device, it must be as detailed and intuitive as possible to real-world application.

At DDA Medical, we know this to be true because we’ve been there, done that many times over and we’ve used obstacles as a way to challenge ourselves and our skills. Our animators and 3D modelers are constantly evolving and pushing the level of detail to the extreme and beyond.