Farewell Old Shoes

I got some new shoes this weekend. It was time. My old shoes were from early in college so they are now 6 or 7 years old. Somehow through all the years of wear and tear they still held up. The last 3 years of their life were most likely extended because of working full time. So 4 days a week, the shoes got a break while I wore my dress shoes. It was a long time either way and I’ll still remember first seeing them in the clearance issue of the Eastbay catalog I got. They were the only ones in the whole catalog that I ever considered and we instantly connected. Sadly, with the rubber soles finally losing pieces at a time I knew I would have to move on. I got the new shoes on sale in the mall and I already don’t like them as much. They just aren’t hugging the soles of my feet like I’m used to. I know I’ll have to break them in some, but insoles might be required in this instance because they are feeling kind of hard. I hate how stuff always seems more perfect in the store. I doubt I’ll get as much life out of these as I did with my old kicks, but I’ll certainly walk them into the ground as long as they’ll last.

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