Fasnacht Day

Today is Fasnacht Day, for some it’s Fat Tuesday, Donut Day, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, you can call it what you will according to your background.  In any case, it’s historically the day you would cook up all of your fats and eggs since that sort of thing isn’t allowed for Lent, more recently a day to basically party down.  While a good portion of us no longer celebrate it based on our religions (or lack thereof), it’s a great excuse to eat some yummy donuts and/or pancakes.  Of course as Americans we really don’t need an excuse to overindulge, it just helps us relieve ourselves of the guilt.  Today there will be no purposeful bonfire of the vanities, however, we started our day with a server hardware meltdown, so I guess that counts.

While our server is being repaired, I have picked up a little light reading on HIPAA compliance.  We have a number of medical websites out there, some of which are storing client/patient information, so we have had to think about data security for quite some time.  I am of the opinion that any user data we store we should be careful with anyway, and security is always on my mind, but I find that any furthering of my own knowledge on subjects such as this is something that cannot be harmful.  With there being a huge focus on medical IT and healthcare IT lately, especially getting medical records in digital format, there is going to be a need for us as the IT providers to know as much as is possible to prevent that information from getting into the wrong hands.  Even more stressful is the fact that since the records are going digital, I believe it will start becoming the most targeted area of identity theft attempts, not to mention hacks for political gain.  It then becomes essential for everyone involved in the transfer of data to be very knowledgeable in data security and at the very least be HIPAA compliant.  I say ‘at the very least’ because the guidelines are rather vague at the moment, but there are huge numbers of resources out there that can provide information about keeping data safe, so I’m going to take advantage and feed my brain in order to provide better for my clients.