Finding us in unusual places

As some may know from previous posts or personal experience, I am somewhat of a news junkie.  I do a lot of news reading in my free time, and often will have some sort of news program running in the background when I do so.  Sunday morning was no different.  I was up early and there were no programs yet discussing football, so I had to settle for surfing the 24-hour ‘news’ channels.  Now I must preface this with something, I don’t believe that all news sources are truthful, nor do I believe they fully research what they’re talking about, or they do and just choose to slant it to their general editorial dogma.  So in order to get a fair and balanced look at what is going on in the world, I watch as many news channels as is possible, including the one that claims to be fair and balanced, but only is because it offsets the others with it’s right-sided slant.  In the end, it’s important to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

So I was watching Fox and Friends, teased into keeping it on because they were going to show clips of the SNL skits I missed the night before not being able to keep my eyes open.  Between ridiculous arguments about random political things (and they say Rachel Maddow is snarky), the name Ayers mentioned about 50 times, and cuts to Joe-the-not-really-a-plumber, there was an interesting clip that lasted no more than a minute, but I saw it.  It was a short story about how the soldiers overseas now have something to help save lives, and there on the screen was a few seconds of an animation showing a little packet of crystals shaking out.  Closer inspection of the video showed the name TraumaCure and WoundStat.  I nearly jumped out of my chair, I knew that was one of our clients, but it was also our animation.  A little video and animation studio outside of Philadelphia shows up in national media thanks to the work we did for a client.  It was a cool moment.  It’s really a shame I don’t have one of those real-time recorders, I would have been able to grab the video.