Firefox 3.0 Download Day

I missed Firefox 3.o download day on Tuesday.  To me it wasn’t that big of a deal, I was using beta, and then the latest release candidate, which then updated itself as the releases were made available, so I had no great hurrah.  And frankly, I forgot about it.

I started using the beta as soon as it was out because Firefox used to have a really horrible memory leak.  That meant that as I sat there with my 50 tabs open with the various sites I was working on or researching from, my memory usage kept climbing and never went down.  If I happened to open some certain “multimedia overload” sites, I had no chance, there’d be a browser crash.  The good thing was that the browser always popped back up with all the tabs I had opened, so I didn’t lose what I was working on.

A few things that I did notice in the browser update were security updates, which made me happy.  The first one I noticed was an integrated anti-virus.  I was at home downloading a software client and I noticed that AVG (my home anti-virus of choice) was scanning the file before it started the download.  I thought that was brilliant.  I haven’t run across any, but there is a new anti-phishing and malware setup, so if you try to visit one of the scammer sites, Firefox lets you know with a big red box.  Everyone loves to see the big red box happily protecting their security. 

I still get to use my cool developer’s toolbar, one of the many add-ons that you can still install and use.  It helps me solve javascript problems or figure out where my block elements go wrong.  I can also completely turn off javascript to insure that my programming degrades gracefully and doesn’t completely shut down a site if someone isn’t accepting the javascript.

So, every day from now on I can open up Firefox and continue to be happy with that browser.  It’s unfortunate that I still have to use IE, since that’s what ‘the majority’ uses, so all of my programming needs to be tested there first.  I also have Opera and Safari, but usually those are just for testing, or for doing things that I don’t want to have other browsers open for, like in IE I blog, check my calendar, use the coldfusion administrator and phpmyadmin.  Opera is simply to keep my Trac.  Firefox is where I do most of my code searches and basic testing of sites.  My life is so compartmentalized!