Flash of Anger

Flash is frustrating me.  Maybe it’s because the people at Adobe really want you to use Flex or maybe I just can’t find what I’m looking for but in either case, it’s leading to frustration.  One of the cool things about Coldfusion starting with version 7 was the ability to program in CFCs.  This encapsulated functions into one nice and tidy place, I could create an object from the CFC component and then run functions on that object however I chose.  It’s lead to some good reusable programming, and I believe it’s made our latest heathcare IT projects more stable and in the fast paced medical world, more extensible.  When the pharmaceutical company wanted to change one webinar to three, it was far more simple to add in a few lines of code here and there and have it update several places at once rather than having to recreate the whole project three times, each with its own database and custom coding.

With Flash entering in the mix, it seems there are two ways of working with external data, and those two ways are either by urlRequest or by netconnection.  Of course we’re talking about the Flash version of AS3.  In AS2 however, there was another way, NetServices.  This would seem to walk the thin line with how I use Coldfusion CFCs.  I create the object and get the service and then I can make calls by invoking the remote methods.  This seems so useful, AS3 seems so…. not as handy.  So to me, it seems silly that in a future aspect of data handling you remove some of the good functionality in lieu of something less persistent.  Of course it may just be me not seeing the forest through the trees, because Flex has the RemoteObject to do the very thing I’m looking for.   So once again, I wonder if what I’m doing is valid or even useful, it’s not easy moving from my Cold comfort zone.