Free Coldfusion? Free Stanford?

During my readings of the various news sites relevant to work that I do (versus work that I don’t do?), I ran across a few coldfusion blogs mentioning that there’s a new Educational version of Coldfusion, free for the taking (of courses). Another freebie that’s come on the radar is at Stanford. Some online computer and engineering courses are available, for free (for the taking, get it?).  To me it appears to be like ‘auditing’ the course, which in some colleges you could always do, but at least it’s in some way getting more educational materials out there.

The free-for-educational-use coldfusion system is going to be a great benefit to the coldfusion community as a whole. For years now, very few schools taught programming in coldfusion, especially since PHP is free and ASP (and .NET) comes standard on every Windows-based server, so that’s what’s ‘mainstream’ so that’s what is taught.  When smaller businesses sit down and think about the price of a thousand dollar addition in coldfusion, they don’t factor in how much they would save in the long run.  I can’t say that a growing number of coldfusion capable programmers would be detrimental, I think that once everyone learns how easy it is to work with, they’d be willing to shell out the paltry sum of money to set up the CF Server.  In my opinion, its rapid application development capability alone would save any client the price of installation within the first few hours of development.  But I guess in this way I start to sound like a ‘fan boy’, like there’s nothing better out there to use.  I’m not saying that, I’m just saying that it’s awesome.

So Stanford.  How cool is that?  Now it’s not really anything new, MIT and others have been giving away great professor knowledge for years, but it’s still cool.  You can’t get course credit, but you can get knowledge, which sometimes is more useful.  Stanford is apparently going to a no fee school for kids with parents earning under 100k (which is almost everyone I know).  I wonder if I could get in on that….  sorry everyone, I’m dropping my life and g to California.  Yeah, right.