Fresh Dreams

Some days I walk into the DDA Medical Blog knowing exactly what I’m going to write about, and most days I have to sort of make it up as I go.  It’s been helping that I’ve been undergoing a little bit of eLearning myself, watching tutorials and reading page after page of notes and code, all in the hopes that I can add a new set of features to my repertoire.  It’s going quite well so far, I can set up a flash movie on my own, and now I’m getting to the point where I’m getting down some techniques and learning the APIs.  Since I come from the programming side of things, I’m unfortunately not giving second thought to learning anything about animation.  It strikes me as funny honestly, I’m learning flash to only learn to code with it, not to learn how to do what it’s meant to do.  I know what the basics of the animation do, tweens and frames and such, but for most purposes, I won’t be needing that.  I think that’s where Adobe got the idea that they needed to separate Flash Builder from Flash Catalyst.  It seems that the dip into RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is leading more people into the deep waters of using flash as a front facing interface, but it’s not really happy to be that data intensive, which is where Flex comes in.  Now that’s not to say I know anything about Flex in particular.  I just know it exists and it does some things better.  I’m really not that keen though on setting up a bunch of xml files to deal with a single interface, but, I may change my mind in the future once I see what it can do.I have a few days of vacation left this year and since there are no pressing things other than me getting a full grasp of working with Flash, it seems to be an opportune time to get a little more rest and relaxation.  Which of course means I’ll be doing just the opposite.  I’m hoping that I can fill up this time with all sorts of activities, from actually reading a non-fiction book (on my new Kindle, yay me) to cleaning up the mess of a house (all the opened gifts have taken control of my living room) getting some video game playing time and maybe, if I have left over time, getting to know Flex a little better.  I will be able to head into the new year bringing fresh knowledge into our healthcare and medical IT projects.