Future Trends

Been reading a few Future trends forecasts from various sources.

Conclusion: Nobody is really predicting future trends. Generally, they are restating what we already know.  Things are moving too fast. Millions of efforts at innovation are tried and tested daily at all levels, in all sectors across the globe. A few take root, and grow organically, finding nutrients in the energy and effort of those that are exposed to it and are attracted by it.

Today’s trends are self-evident and the next trends are anybody’s guess. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

The one constant are the platforms that present the innovation and the vehicles that transport it. Websites, social network portals, business destinations, trade organizations, interactive tools, animations, programmed applications, elearning platforms are all such platforms and vehicles.

DDA conceptualizes, plans, designs, creates, builds, implements and markets/promotes these platforms and vehicles. And, DDA does it with innovative, interactive and intuitive (often proprietary) methodologies that are TREND SETTING in their own way. So, climb aboard, it’s going to be quite a ride.