Get NASA on it

It amazes me that with all of our fancy technology and iPhones and iPads, we still can’t seem to cap this oil leak after weeks of spilling gigantic amounts of oil into the ocean. I know it’s not as easy as it seems capping a leak from a broken pipe a mile down in the ocean, but we put men on the moon for goodness sakes. We managed to do that, but our attempts at stopping oil from leaking out of a pipe keep failing. Maybe we should take a timeout from space exploration and get those NASA scientists down to the Gulf of Mexico to fix this problem. They were able to think on their feet and do it quickly during the Apollo 13 flight and were able to save the entire crew in a situation that looked incredibly dire and almost hopeless due to all the damage and malfunctioning equipment they were facing. So far with this oil problem it just seems like a string of one failed effort after another. Sadly, the creatures of the sea are the ones who are paying the highest price for our human mishaps.

At DDA, we can’t do anything to help them stop the oil leak, but we can react quickly to any problems on our sites in the Internet world. Our crack team of programmers can solve any problem that arises on your site faster than you can shake a stick at it. Once any of our clients encounter any problem with their website, they’ll contact us, and we’ll figure out what’s wrong with the website programming and get it fixed. We do advanced programming and custom programming and with custom comes problems sometimes. Languages get updates and new versions, which is beyond our control, and these can sometimes throw a wrench in an already working code system. There are also sometimes those really sneaky bugs that only make themselves apparent in the strangest of situations. Whatever the problem is, we will get to the root of it. No problem has slipped through our grasp yet and we don’t plan to let it happen in the future. If only we were experts in deep sea oil rigs, then maybe we could help out with this oil leak problem as well.