Getting medieval

Just as I spend weeks rushing through this and that, being glued to the Internet and television medias watching debates and votes on CSPAN, spending my working days programming, or some part of that — I got away for the weekend, so far, I went all the way back to the 15th century England.  Ok, well, with the running water privies and the modern conveniences of using credit cards to purchase weaponry (not hand-forged but made in China), it was almost the 15th century.  As a proper geek, I’d been going to the ‘Ren Fest’ in Minnesota, missing very few years (and sometimes going more than once) in my 20s.  Since I’ve been in the Philadelphia area, I’d not taken the time to make the drive to Lancaster, finding that in a large venue such as that, it’s far more fun to go with people who have the same geeky appreciation for the ‘Faire’.  This year I finally went, happily finding out that a large portion of the folks that were headed there decided to dress up.  It renewed my want for costuming, and although I did not make a purchase this year, I at least had some more ideas for Luke’s Halloween suit of armor.  All in all, I was not disappointed.  Sunday’s brief trip to Skippack Days was hardly a comparison.  I saw not one knight in the bunch.  But the best part was that I spent two days outside in the sun, something that tends to elude a number of us.

Today I find myself once again staring at a series of emails, things that need to be accomplished or modified, and a stack of papers left from last week that need to be completed.  Today I’m going to have to start ‘getting medieval’ on my job.  Slash through the website programming, maul the database design, and plunder the riches of the internet.