Getting over the Wednesday Slump

As a few in the office know, Wednesday is very routine for me when I leave work.  It is the standard Subway (6-inch melt on honey oat combo) dinner and then sit in front of the TV watching Comedy Central for Scrubs, the Daily Show and Colbert Report repeats and whatever show is on Bravo (currently my favorite, Top Chef).  I look forward to my evening all day Wednesday, so it helps get me through whatever is thrown my way.  Unlike my Wednesday night, my Wednesday work day is rarely simple, it’s generally filled with surprises and a full work load of things that need to be accomplished before the weekend.  Take this morning for example, I cannot connect to our new server’s web-based database admin, which of course being a programmer means a problem first thing.  Some time today I’m sure that Flash will also stop working, which isn’t that big of a deal, unless I have to work on a site that has Flash, then it just gets annoying.

Before the day is out, I need to finish a good chunk of my current medical website project.  Of course this will be hindered by the fact that if I can’t get to the database admin, I’ll have to do everything the old fashioned way — thus slowing me down, but something this trivial doesn’t stop me.  So as I juggle the programming work, client requests that come in today, co-worker assistance required issues and general work discussion, I’ll be dreaming of a warm Subway sandwich, a bag of Baked Lays and my cozy couch.  Boy, that sounds lame, but whatever works.