getting touchy

I know I’m not in the office tomorrow (yay!) but I am already sucked in to the latest Apple hype.  Tomorrow the iPhone/iTouch App store is launched.  This is perfect timing because guess what I got for my birthday… yes… an iTouch 8 gig ipod, and it’s awesome.  I can watch my Doctor Who episodes during lunch… or in the car on the way to and from work… (just kidding, I can barely keep concentrated on driving when I have no distractions).  So what does this mean for this lowly programmer other than finally being cool and trendy?  It’s got an SDK.

That’s right, I can program apps for the iPhone or iTouch.  Well, the SDK  has actually been around a while, but the app store is coming tomorrow, so should I choose to become a developer for this platform?I could if I wanted to. Of course I also have to sign up as a developer, and I have to have a Mac running OS X Leopard, but these minor roadblocks are only blocks until I decide to steamroll over them, or not.  In any case, it’s really neat.  Potentially DDA could embark on another journey of custom widget programming for the iPhone.   Of course the other limitations are out there… it is of course very proprietary.  You can only distribute your app via the Apple store, and you have to agree to the developer terms and conditions and blah blah.  Personally I think I prefer jailbreak and the installation of all sorts of random applications that are freely available.