Glaring issue

As I sit here still recovering from the sun glare of my morning drive (there’s one stoplight that is the worst, have to wait uphill with the sun directly behind both the cars and the light itself. It’s a nightmare!) I have the glow of the three monitors welcoming me back to the programming world.  Yesterday I finally figured out my swap issue with the original PC.  Apparently in the NVidia card there’s a setting ‘Force television detection’ in the multiple monitor display (under ‘My display is not shown in the list’).  Once I enabled that–though my monitor doesn’t naturally want to show up while booting up– and once it hits the NVidia software, it displays perfectly.  I no longer have to turn the computer on with one plug in and then re-plug it once it’s all booted up.  This may not seem like a big deal to many, but it is one thing now off my list of annoyances.  It’s fantastic to knock things off that list.  Living a more simple life is the best thing in my book.

So not only have I been tasked with finishing out one of our continuing medical education websites (registration, survey, administration) but I’m working on getting into Flash, as I mentioned yesterday.  The first glaring issue with what I’m doing, is that it doesn’t really make sense.  Flash doesn’t play nice as a form really. I liken it to a javascript form.  You build a page that has no real processing in it, maybe some minor checks like javascript will do, then pass the information to a cgi page (which in our case is coldfusion) which does all the processing for you, and that page then returns any of the processing results.  It really seems quite backwards and clumsy.  I suppose it’s not much different from an object oriented approach, where you’re passing information to CFCs and other pages, but it seems like so much overhead to do so. It’s almost like doing double the work for the same amount of form.  The cool thing about this issue is that if anyone in this company can make it work better, that person is me (provided I can brush up on my Flash).  I know a lot of tricks in coldfusion, I’m sure I can wiggle something out of all of this.