Go go google arm

We all know how great Google is.  They’ve got all kinds of web applications along with a browser and soon to be OS.  So what happens when the big Microsoft starts to feel the pressure?  It follows suit and creates its own line of crazy apps.  A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new anti-virus application for your desktop and this week announced not only a free online version of its popular Office software but a venture into potential music streaming service.  This news of course comes on the heels of me having to decide between giving up Pandora’s free streaming music service and paying fees, so I’m all about checking it out.  The word is that it is supposed to start at the end of July.  The service will probably be ad supported, so a minute’s worth of commercials per hour, or as a paid premium service.  It sounds perfect, as long as it takes the best of Pandora with the best of lastfm.  It is also supposed to eventually hook up with xbox and zune.  It could be interesting.

So today, while I anxiously await the end of the day and the trip to see Harry Potter this evening, there’s much to be done.  Interactive programming doesn’t just happen on its own.