Go Internet People

The new Flash-free style of web programming is becoming more and more prevalent. Yesterday, I got to start trying to add video the new HTML 5 way. Unfortunately, with just an hour of logged time for myself and more from the video editor, it has already proven itself more time consuming and complicated than adding one flash video. Because of different codec configurations and abilities of different browsers, playing a video without a plug-in becomes a more intricate process. We need to render several versions of a single video so that the browser can choose which one it wants to try to play based on its own settings.

The funny thing is that Internet Explorer, still the most widely used browser, doesn’t support this stuff yet and the video player needs to degrade back into a flash video player anyway. So I still have to make the flash video player, the video guy needs to render out 4 different video versions, and we need code to help the browser determine what video to use. Flash used to be the cross-browser-compatible, one-fits-all solution. But the iPad/iPhone introduction has put a stop to that.

So I propose that someone, whether it’s Apple, Adobe or someone else, creates a new plug-in that makes cross browser video playing easy again. It doesn’t need to do anything else, just play video. As long as Apple doesn’t boycott it, everyone would be happy. Apple says that Flash is buggy, but I don’t think the bugs are ever due to simple video playing, but more so the complicated games and animations with advanced programming in them.

So go Internet people out there. Go and make this cross-browser compatible simple video player plug-in that brings happiness to one and all. You can do it. Until then, I will continue trying to get this video to play on firefox.