Good Reference Makes For Accurate Animations

Its nearing tax season, and lately I’ve been seeing these TurboTax commercials where they pitch their software as a sort of GPS that will guide you through the process of filing. And while I don’t necessarily think that Global Positioning Satellites and financial software are analogous, I do think that its a great idea to market step-by-step tutorials that users can reference when doing things that can otherwise get complicated.

Usually in 3D animation, we will use reference videos to act as a “guide” in creating the motion for the scene. Whether the animation is of a person walking, an advanced 3D medical simulation that will be used for future medical study, or a dog doing backflips, some sort of reference video is usually behind any animation. To ensure accuracy in our corporate and medical animations, both 3D and 2D, as well as all of our medical website designs, we always strive to use accurate reference images and footage that in many cases is acquired directly from the client or doctor that we are creating the animation for.