Graphic Designer at DDA

After spending a few days on a interface design for a high-profile e-learning tool DDA is currently working on, I am switching gears to clear up some other task list projects, such as a DVD Menu design and a CD Disc Label Design. Website updates filled my morning, my lunch hour was spent eating a McDonald’s southwestern chicken salad while updating DDA’s website… our sometimes neglected site, which I guess is good. The less time we have to work on DDA’s website means we are all busily working on client projects. The next hour or so of my day will be spent preparing html template designs for a website that needs to be prepared and live quickly. Before I know it will be time to prepare dinner for my boys and give baths and put everyone to bed. After two straight nights of 5-6 hours of sleep I’m hoping for 8 tonight. A day full of digital advertising awaits.