Half-Baked Prince

I had a wonderful weekend.  It started out with the excitement of meeting a prince, then I spent two days in a treehouse and in the afternoon a dozen monkeys.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Well, that’s how I like to do things.  In reality, it was a little less interesting.  Thursday night the four of us crammed into seats in the local theater for the 9 p.m. show of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Of course here’s where the half-baked (or maybe half-hearted) part comes into play because it was still fun to watch, but it was not very fulfilling.  You can’t take a 700-page book and turn it into a movie without leaving some things out, but when it’s major plotlines and failed storytelling, going for the least interesting of the themes, there’s just something wrong and very disappointing.  The rest of the weekend was spent driving to or staying at a friend’s “cabin” on a river.  I say “cabin” in quotes because it’s a beautiful home, a lot nicer than my primary residence, and cabin wouldn’t do the house justice.  It was peaceful, restful and overall a great time.  After coming home on Sunday afternoon, we spent the afternoon watching 12 Monkeys.  Get it?

So as I sit here and think about some great metaphorical connection to what it is that I’m supposed to be writing about, I think about what it means to be a programmer or designer here at DDA. It is our job to make your website be more impressive than the next guy’s.  We simply take what it is that you want to put out there, add a splash of interactivity and pleasant visuals and we have a fantastic interactive website.  What I do every day is turn an idea into a story, where words become code.  It does become bigger than itself.