Half Empty or Half Full?

Is this glass half empty or half full?

If you’re a glass-is-half-empty thinker, you may be looking toward 2010 with anxiety over what has been a difficult past year, but if you’re a glass-is-half-full thinker, you may be counting down the days with anticipation for a better, brighter tomorrow. 2010 will be what you make it – personally and professionally.

I see the glass half full – always have, always will. This is not to say that I have idyllic notions that stem from a naive childhood. Rather the opposite is true, I’ve been through some hard experiences and come out a stronger fighter. And this is not to say that I never feel the negative pull; I do but I’m more interested in finding pragmatic solutions then sucumbing to failure or defeat. 2009 has affected everyone to varying degrees. I think it can be said that very few will end this year thinking it was “their year.” However, with determination and fortitude, a solid plan and dedication to seeing it through, 2010 has the potential to not only be better than 2009, but to be the best year in a long time.

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