Hey, I’m going mainstream!

For as long as I could remember, the programming knowledge that I was gaining had little to do with mainstream programming.  I was always somewhere off in the fringe, learning specific forms of basic or things like Director and Action script (before it was cool).  But reading today that jQuery is now going to be the official Javascript framework by both Nokia and Microsoft, I’ve finally become mainstream in something that I have adored for ages.  That is right, Microsoft, king of bloat, has adopted one of the most lightweight frameworks and they are planning on leaving it as is.  Finally, a light product from MS.  It’s so exciting!  It’s almost as exciting as finally picking up my new car tonight.

For just such a momentus occasion, here’s a snippet of dialog popup code that I used on a recent project:

function jqAlert(text){
<!—The below div is a popup dialog box set for alerts and confirmations—>
var height = 200;
if (arguments.length == 2) height=arguments[1];
if( $(“#popupDialog”).length > 0){
$(“body”).append(‘<div id=”popupDialog” class=”text”><p class=”text”>’+text+'</p></div>’);
autoOpen: false,
height: height,
title: “ALERT”,
buttons: {
‘Ok’: function() { $(this).dialog(‘close’);return true;}
$(‘#popupDialog’).dialog(‘open’).html(‘<p class=”text”>’+text+'</p>’);
return true;