Hey, it’s June

So today is the first of June, which means I have to remember my nephew’s birthday.  It’s not ’til the end of the month, but I have a problem remembering birthdays that aren’t my own.  For the last few days of May, over the weekend, I did nothing spectacular.  Which, in my eyes, was a well deserved rest from the last weekend.  I did take a few hours out of my day yesterday to go on a drive, something I haven’t done in ages due to the price of gas, but it was such a nice day and I’d already spent time out in the yard, so I went for a drive.  I tried to get lost, find new places like I used to do (but this time with my nice navigation system I would never be quite lost).  The funny thing about Pennsylvania is that it’s rather difficult to get truly lost, eventually you wind up on a road that you know, then it’s just a matter of figuring out the correct direction.  While on my drive, I found a road that reminded me of driving in the Poconos, and thought that I’d like to eventually own a house there.  There were an unusually large number of homes for sale, whether or not they were as a result of the current economy or the fact that it was in a not-so-convenient area, I don’t know.

Even with the economy as it is, it seems that here at DDA we’re keeping ourselves busy.  I have had to write out a number of time studies for client quotes and I’m pretty much constantly busy with some programming task or another.  On Thursday I found out that I did make a little blunder regarding a regular expression test that I’d run.  It didn’t show up in tests because I’d tested in the wrong area.  We have an FTP-like upload site where the user is able to upload files to folders, and folders are named based on clients that they have.  I had to recently update the Flash upload utility because it was seeing the “&” as a field separator rather than as part of the text.  It just took a little addition of an ‘escape’ tag, but it was a harrowing process to get there.  Anyway, as an added feature, I decided to add in a regular expression that checked to see if the filename had proper characters.  The problem was that I was checking the entire path rather than the new name, so it was finding the slashes in the path and balking at it.  Eventually I got it sorted out.  Here’s the code”

<cfif refind('[\/:"*?<>|]',form.namefield) gt 0>
     <cfset error = 'There was an error while creating the new directory, folder names cannot contain the following characters: \/:"*?<>|. '>