High End Product

Last night further updates were made to our server.  I wanted to check on it, but unfortunately my connection to the remote desktop has been blocked by the upgraded firewall.  I find the whole thing rather ironic, but certainly not expected.  Of course they did at least do better than my original bet that we’d walk in and all of our websites would be down, so I guess on the whole, they’re impressing me?  I suppose that happens when one has such low expectations.

DDA has high expectations of its staff, not only placed upon the staff by the principals, David and Elizabeth, but most of us take great pride in our work and do not want to settle for anything short of perfection.  Sometimes this means that we have to question what it is that we’re doing, even if it’s already been mandated.  I guess that’s why some of us feel more like scientists than anything, we do not blindly believe anything, we have to see all the evidence and then make a conclusion.  When we go to quote the latest and greatest DDA Medical Interactive Website, we need to have all the evidence of what kind of project it’s going to be before we jump in.  We have to question what the user wants to achieve and why in order to give them the best end product.  We can’t always “just do as we’re told” because we are creative thinkers who would go above and beyond what is required because it’s the right thing to do and what becomes of the final output is a reflection of us, and we want that vision to be the best, naturally.

So when you want your corporate image to show a high amount of effort, creativity and knowledge, you can find that right here at DDA.