Holidays, bah, humbug

I really do enjoy the holidays.  From Thanksgiving until after the New Year, there’s a certain excitement and buzz going on.  Or should I say, I enjoy the idea of the holidays.  Getting together with friends and family, getting to meet new family members for the first time (my sister had her first last weekend and I can’t wait to meet her) … it’s all a part of the holiday process that I enjoy.  What I absolutely despise is the stress and worry over getting things together to take with, making sure everyone has their gifts, making sure all the cookies are baked and actually getting through the holiday itself without strangling someone.  So lets put that on top of having tight deadlines and weekend problems and overall we have a programmer who doesn’t have any time to de-stress, and it’s really wearing.  It’s not enough that I can easily fill 40 hours of work a week without having consultations for client projects and general staff assistance (be it programming/IT help to those not in the programming department or programming theory help for those in our department), but there’s always something more to do.  At the end of the day, I wonder where my time has gone and why I didn’t get through my own list of tasks I personally need to accomplish as a programmer with clients that rely on what I do for them.  So I head home, feeling the weight of unfinished tasks, only to log on to the server to keep monitoring it throughout my evening.

So as I sit here with my tea, hoping that the migraine that started yesterday stays in the bearable range, I write this blog.  Today’s tasks will include getting thoughts together to create a quick quoting system based on a shopping cart, with products that aren’t exactly single products, as well as finishing up programming tweaks from a site that is to go live this week, or more probable, next Monday.  There is of course a few outstanding minor things that have come up over the last few weeks that I’d been putting off in order to get The Next Icon up and running and of course I’ll be needed to help get our new fancy pants server up and running so that we can actually transfer sites onto it next week.  It doesn’t allow for much playing around time, so this programmer needs to get to work.  Go go Coldfusion!